Laser cutting

The laser cutting system is equipped with a vertical storage tower system with 9 charge and discharge positions.

The laser cutting system is equipped with an automatic pneumatic chargingsystem with a storage area for sheet metals attending processing.
The production processes and optimizing it “just-in-time” in order to respect planned delivery and short lead times. The fully automatic process
allows a continuos production cycle.

  • Laser FIBRA PHOENIX FL 6020 6KWT with automatic store
    6000×2000 WorkTop
  • Laser AMADA:
    LASER FIBRA ENSIS 4020 AJ with automatic store ASLUL
    SORTING 4020 TK L
    4000×2000 WorkTop
  • Laser LVD Phenix 6000 Watts
    Worktop 6000×2000
    Cutting Capacity 28mm Carbon Steel
  • Laser brand “TRUMPF”
    Model TRULASER 5040 FIBRA
    Model TRUMATIC L4030 CO2
    4000 Watts with a Cutting Maximum Capacity:
    Carbon Steel: 20mm
    15mm Stainless Steel
    12mm Aluminium
    15mm Brass
    15mm Copper
    2.000mm x 4.000mm Worktop